Protecting Your Data Center is Critical: Are You Taking All Power Protection Measures?

October 01, 2012

By Allison Boccamazzo - Director of Brand Strategy

If you’re looking to maintain business continuity, you know that your data center is at the heart of your business. Whether large or small, no business is spared when it comes to the internal functions of your organization – including application distribution, telecommunications, systems security and storage. All of the above is normally facilitated through server rooms or data center, this Rittal (News - Alert) article explains.

One thing that has remained vital when it comes to data center protection is data center cooling. The very last thing you want is your data center to overheat. “Whether situated in one room or spread throughout several floors, data centers and the multiple server racks and electronics enclosures housed within them must be kept at consistently cool temperatures,” Rittal adds.

“Inadequacies or interruptions in the ability to keep IT equipment cool in a data center environment can cause diminished performance, malfunctions and even system failures. The resulting downtime or loss of information can negatively affect a business on multiple levels. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that data center cooling systems are protected and backed up in case of contingencies such as power surges, spikes and outages.”

So exactly what techniques are done to accomplish this?

Rittal suggests that two things which should take high precedence are disaster preparedness and resiliency. Rittal says that this should be a “major piece of any organization’s overall IT infrastructure strategy.”

In order to do keep your data center cool and avoid an outage, consider investing in one of the following:

Surge Suppressors:

Surge suppressors work to protect against sudden and often unnoticeable surges and spikes in voltage, Rittal says. When looking for a reliable surge suppressor, look for a provider who offers innovative features such as higher joule ratings and versatile mounting options. Minuteman UPS/Para Systems (News - Alert) offers surge suppressors that boast all of the above for the best protection at the most incredible value.

While there are tons of surge suppression products on the market, Minuteman offers leading-edge designs that simply deliver more value at a more convenient price. Minuteman’s surge suppressors are especially sought after by businesses for their rotating receptacles, which provide unprecedented flexibility, as they allow users to use all receptacles on the surge strip – even when numerous power transformers must be plugged in.

Above, Minuteman’s MMS Surge Suppressor

Image via Minuteman

Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSs):

Rittal explains that UPSs can be used as a backup or standby for power protection as part of ensuring IT system continuity, and that a UPS usually relies on a flywheel or batteries to compensate for surges or outages. Again, Minuteman offers a wide variety of UPSs for optimum efficiency; including its On-Line UPS, Line Interactive UPS, Sine Wave UPS and Standby UPS products.

It Entrust Line Interactive UPS, for example, offers automatic voltage regulation and boasts a slim-line profile which is perfect for a range of small to medium load applications. In short, it provides all of the reliable and robust performance you need and crave in a higher-priced UPS, but at a much more available price.

Image via Minuteman

So when it comes down to it, you need to make sure your data center racks and individual server racks and cabinets are being properly maintained. Cooling systems for larger data centers is even more important, and the only way you can guarantee stable, steady performance is to invest in an equally steady and dependable provider like Minuteman UPS/Para Systems. Surge suppressors and UPSs can play a big part in keeping IT systems smoothly running for optimum efficiency, and Minuteman’s got it all.

To learn more about what Minuteman offers, visit www.minutemanups.com.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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