Every (Milli)Second Counts with Power Protection, Here's Why

October 17, 2012

By Susan J. Campbell - Power Protection Contributing Editor

Organizations put much thought and resources into developing an efficient operation that reaches out to clients and performs valuable services, but all of that hard work can be circumvented by something as simple as a lack of power protection

When voice communications go out at a company, the entire operation goes into survival mode. Not only do costs range from the time that the communications are down, but businesses also need to take into consideration what it does to the brand image in the eyes of the consumers. A recent Tech Target (News - Alert) article highlights the importance of protecting voice communications systems, especially when it comes to power. 

A voice communications system is comprised of many components, including the various cables and phones and IVR applications on the servers, but it should also include power protections that ensure that operation consistently and seamlessly remains up and running.

A forward-thinking operation will backup their critical data in the case of a catastrophic event. Needless to say, every organization should have a disaster plan in place that they practice on a regular basis to ensure that when the worst happens, the data and business processes won’t suffer either.

Organizations that are already highly motivated will take precautions that will keep their data safe in the first place. Some organizations use battery backups, but they must be routinely checked to be sure that they are juiced and properly connected to intervene should power go down. 

No one obviously likes a blackout, and while some forms of protection can help keep problems associated with outages at bay, these types of solutions simply can’t provide what you need – even if your utility’s main supply fails for as short as 30 milliseconds. So if your system can’t withstand a loss for more than 10 or 15 milliseconds, you need to turn to a UPS. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are the best bet for backing up power, but they too must be configured in the correct manner and tested on a regular basis for the most optimal power protection.

When it comes to power protection, Minuteman UPS/Para Systems’ power technologies has the hardware to meet these high demands in the market to deliver proven capabilities. Its UPS systems include Endeavor Online UPS, COE Online UPS, Endeavor 6kVA Online True Sine Wave UPS and Endeavor 6019kVA Online True Sine Wave Tower UPS. 

The Endeavor 1-3kVA, for instance, is an industry leader in UPS systems for excellent power protection, as it combines double conversion technology with features that are extremely versatile. This versatility of design allows the unit to ultimately be used to great value in a variety of environments and formats. 

Many organizations take preventative measures by working with their carriers to find ways to get their dial tone and POTS back on line should the power go down. Minuteman’s networking solutions for IT and network applications fit very well in this step in improving power protection. The fact is, most networks in larger organizations today will extend outside of one structure and into other buildings; Minuteman covers all of the bases to ensure that any unique need is met and challenge is overcome. 

The network becomes more vulnerable in these situations, and Minuteman’s power management and server components assist in keeping the network extensions secure and powered up. The company offers such innovations as the RPM1521 Outlet Remote Power Manager to handle IP-addressable remote power management; ETR500 Entrust (News - Alert) Line Interactive UPS to protect valuable equipment; and the PRO-RT Line Interactive UPS for automatic voltage regulation and versatile configuration options. 

At the end of the day, compromises simply cannot be made when it comes to protecting the corporate network or your voice communications system. Minuteman’s solutions do just that with solutions that have proven their value in power protection.

See for yourself why so many already trust Minuteman’s robust power protection solutions by visiting www.minutemanups.com.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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