'Oh my God, Not Again' - Hell Hath No Fury Like Sandy Scorned

November 08, 2012

By Allison Boccamazzo - Director of Brand Strategy

You must admit that Mother Nature deserves a grim standing applause for her uncanny ability to dump disaster upon us poor East Coaster’s. On a more serious note, individuals in the tri-state area – particularly New Jersey – now have to deal with the aftermath of last night’s Nor’easter, where certain regions experienced over a foot of snow, causing even more power outages than there were a day earlier and stealing the power from those who had newly regained it.

Not only does this delay vital relief efforts, but it also means more struggle for those who still have yet to restore their power. As if power protection couldn’t become any more vital, the heaps of snow and freezing roads covering already devastated areas has signaled that hell hath no fury like Sandy scorned.

“The streets flooded twice here yesterday and all I could think is ‘Oh my God, not again,” explained Teri Lesto, a Union Beach, NJ resident who finally recovered power the night before the blizzard hit. Before the lights came back on, they were already taking drastic measures to stay warm, having burned a fire in their backyard “just to stay warm, using wood and damaged furniture that people…put out on the street since the hurricane hit.”

In an eerie, cautionary statement, Lesto adds, “If we were to get more flooding, of the foot of snow that they got out west, we’d be gone. But I guess we got lucky, this time at least.”

In New York, Staten Island was preparing for an estimated seven inches of snow by Thursday morning – not to mention areas of Manhattan that were both evacuated and distressed. “Just what New Jersey needs now,” Justin Page of Montclair, NJ, situated only 10 miles west of the Big Apple (News - Alert), told CNN. “We have lost power where we never had before, and the winds are picking up dramatically, which is disturbing the debris left from Sandy.”

The Nor’easter boasted 60 mph winds with a wintry mix that awakened what many thought had settled after Sandy, which already caused over 600,000 to be without power – and more importantly – no heat.

Additionally, businesses are trying to recover from the impacts of these storms, where communications have come to a screeching halt due to such things as server failures and voice and data communication systems going down.

According to the news report below, residents are “hanging tough” and sticking together during this tragic time

If anything, this calls even more attention to the critical importance of reliable and robust power protection solutions. And on the track we’re apparently headed, who knows what Mother Nature has up her sleeve for Thanksgiving. It’s never the wrong time to invest in power protection products and solutions for both consumer and business affairs.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein

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