Airport Power Failure Highlights the Need for Backup Systems

July 02, 2014

By Mae Kowalke - Power Protection Contributor

As we become increasingly reliant on our computers and smartphones, one side effect is placing all our faith in the electrical grid. If the electricity goes out, our lives and our businesses now basically grind to a halt.

This was exactly what happened recently at Terminal Two at the Sydney International Airport in Australia. A power outage on June 27 ground the terminal to a complete halt, downing passenger processing facilities and stranding thousands of people.

A spokesperson for Sydney Airport said the power interruption disrupted both check-in and screening for the terminal, which caters to domestic flights from Virgin and value-carriers, Jetstar and Tiger Airlines.

"Sydney Airport has identified an issue with a substation, which caused the power interruption and affected back-up power sources," a spokesperson said in a media statement.

While even backup power could not have saved the terminal from substantial delays as a result of the power loss, it does highlight the general need for backup power in case of outages.

When there are no power disruptions, having an uninterruptible power supply in place for key business systems seems like a luxury, its utility quickly becomes apparent when there is a power failure.

Few businesses run without computer systems, and at minimum it is important to have enough backup power to properly shut down key systems such as servers. Failure to shut down properly can cause data corruption.

Power failures also can quickly cost a business a lot of money in terms of lost worker productivity.

We tend to take power for granted, but it plays a huge role in the running of business — and its absence can make a big difference.

Businesses would be wise to invest in uninterruptible power supplies from firms such as Minuteman Power to make sure the small crisis that comes from a power outage does not become a large one.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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