Minuteman - Making Sure You Stay Secure with Power Protection Units

March 01, 2012

By Carrie Majewski (née Schmelkin) - Director of Content Marketing, Content Boost

From security cameras to emergency notification systems to alarm systems, you might be pretty up-to-date when it comes to the latest technologies that are designed to catch criminals. And since criminals never rest, neither can your technology.

But what happens when events that are out of your control happen – such as power outages—that render your trusty technology watchdogs ineffective? All of a sudden the money you spent on security measures doesn’t matter as you are susceptible to security breaches as none of these systems can function without power.

Power protection is perhaps more important for security applications than any other, and that can be traced to two things: safety and liability,” Duston Nixon, marketing communications specialist for Minuteman UPS/Para Systems (News - Alert), told TMCnet. “Business owners and administrators at schools and other facilities have security systems in place to protect their property, and more importantly the people that come and go from their facilities. In the event of a power problem or outage, both people and property are at risk if the system is left unprotected, and the owner of the property can be held liable for any damages that occur.”

Fortunately for businesses and individuals out there, power protection units – like the ones offered by Minuteman — can ensure that your security systems stay up and running even in the event that a power outage occurs.

Minuteman's product line has the tools you need to protect your entire system.  This includes LineGuard surge suppressors to protect cameras & DVR units, standby EnSpire series and line interactive Entrust, PRO-E, PRO-RT, and EnterprisePlus series UPSs for small to medium sized security systems, and full on-line Endeavor UPSs for enterprise-wide systems requiring multiple hours of runtime.

One of Minuteman’s most popular security power protection units is the PRO-RT, which is becoming increasingly popular as the industry moves to rack-mounted systems.

“Installers and users alike appreciate the features the PRO-RT provides, which include automatic voltage regulation, an LCD display screen, and of course the ability to fit into their rack alongside the DVR and other equipment,” Nixon said of the unit. “The unit’s three-year parts and labor warranty, along with three years of non-prorated battery coverage, have also made it a favorite in the industry.”

One customer certainly agrees. According to B. Arredondo, of Fort Worth, Texas, “My power here at the office is very shaky at best and Minuteman has saved me numerous headaches."

So how do Minuteman security products compare to the competition?

“We’ve found that security systems are bound by tight budgets, and users look to get the most features possible for their dollar,” Nixon said. “Our entire product line has been crafted to provide the best combination of features and price in the industry, and we have been fortunate to grow our security sales in an uncertain economy because of this.”

Minuteman makes these units available by working with many of the largest distributors and resellers in the security industry, including national distributors ADI and Tri-Ed along with a large number of regional distributors.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli