Survey Says Large, Small Companies Not as Concerned with Power Protection as They Should Be

June 12, 2012

By Carrie Majewski (née Schmelkin) - Director of Content Marketing, Content Boost

In case you had that case of “not me,” thinking to yourself that your business will never be susceptible to those terrible bouts of downtime you so frequently read about in the news, think again.

According to a recent survey by IndustryWeek magazine for Stratus Technologies (News - Alert), the average manufacturing IT system will experience 3.6 instances of downtime at a cost of $65,830 annually. So perhaps it “might be you” after all. In fact, the number of IT downtime incidents per year, as well as the financial impact per incident, has increased as the total revenue of respondents' companies increased.

"The statistical results are a good indication as to why the response to this email survey was so strong; the persistence and punishing cost of IT systems downtime are very much on the minds of plant operations management," said Dave LeClair, director of product management and marketing, Stratus Technologies. "As high as these costs appear, our experience in manufacturing suggests these calculations understate the true financial impact and include only the more obvious cost factors, such a labor and reduced volume. In reality, that's just the tip of the iceberg."

As part of the survey, more than 500 individuals, representing a broad range of company sizes and products produced, were surveyed. The magazine tabulated results by annual revenue categories – less than $100 million, $100-$999 million and above $1 billion – and by the average of all respondents.

If you thought you were alone in the “not me” mentality think again as only three out of seven respondents said that they had a disaster recovery strategy in place for high availability computing. Larger companies were also more likely than smaller firms to use IT technologies that are designed to guarantee high availability. Despite these advantages, large manufacturers are losing nearly $150,000 annually from IT system downtime.

"Large company or small, production plants generally do not have the necessary IT skills onsite to proactively manage and maintain computer systems. They react to crises rather than averting them," noted LeClair. "This approach will usually cost much more money over time than making investments in the correct high-availability solution at the outset."

Whether you are a large or small company, it is important to consider the benefits that power protection units can afford as they not only safeguard against power outages but they help you stay up and running so that you are always miles ahead of the competition.

One company that knows a thing or two about power protection is Minuteman/UPS Para Systems (News - Alert), a provider of power protection technologies. In fact, the company recently spread the word about its “Summer Savings” instant rebates, a June and July summer instant rebate program on some of the company’s leading power protection technologies. According to Minuteman, consumers are encouraged to “kick-start” their vacation funds with savings on two “great” UPS series.

“For June and July we are offering substantial rebates on two of our best-selling line interactive battery backup systems – the Entrust (News - Alert) and the PRO-RT Series,” Duston Nixon, marketing communications specialist for Minuteman, told TMCnet of why the company is offering this rebate program. “The savings available make these units, which are already a great value, an even better option for users looking to protect phone, security, and network systems of all sizes.”

For more on Minuteman’s summer rebates, click here.