Achieve Maximum Amount of Uptime with Minuteman's Remote Power Management Solutions

October 26, 2012

By Allison Boccamazzo - Director of Brand Strategy

According to a recent CA (News - Alert) Technologies survey, businesses experience about 14 hours of annual IT downtime during which they lose a whopping $26.5 billion of revenue, or $150,000 per business surveyed. You may be thinking, “But that can’t apply to me. We’ve never been down or had an unexpected failure!” I wouldn’t be too quick to say this. According to Ponemon Institute’s (News - Alert)National Survey on Data Center Outages,” 95 percent of companies experience an unplanned downtime event…what makes you think your business won’t be one?

While you always have the option of physically attending the situation at hand, you’ve probably considered or hoped for a better, more convenient alternative. For an IT manager who’s left in charge, this could mean abandoning a time or event that is equally as important, but without remote power management (RPM), must pick up and leave to physically handle the problem. This scenario can essentially apply to any responsible party, and for that individual, it sure would be nice to have access to a device that would allow them to, for example, remotely reboot a server that’s gone down  from wherever they happen to be located at the time.

To directly address this issue, Minuteman UPS/Para Systems (News - Alert) has debuted four new remote management solutions to help powerfully yet remotely monitor, control and reboot up to 16 connected devices from anywhere in the world.

The new Minuteman RPM Series 8 & 16 Remote Power Managers allow users to remotely manage power for connected devices such as servers, switches, routers, modems, security devices and telephone systems. Additionally, all locked-up devices can be re-set from a desktop PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

This new addition to the company’s RPM product family boasts powerful and reliable features such as scheduled tasks, individual or grouped outlet control and horizontal or vertical rack mounting – all which are available for both 120 and 208-volt applications.

These RPM solutions feature an easy-to-use Web interface that allows users to easily control power to attached devices from virtually anywhere via a standard Web browser and a password, which ultimately reduces downtime and quickly solves equipment lock-ups. Even more, users can receive notification of their locked devices and can set up automatic reboots using automatic ping actions.

In today’s interconnected age, it only makes sense to invest in remote power management solutions. A recent related Minuteman UPS/Para Systems whitepaper titled, “Saving Time & Money with Remote Power Management,” elaborates on what RPM is and why it’s so critical to business efficiency. 

Remote power management serves as a cost-effective, simple alternative to help better power your business’ critical systems, avoid potential downtime and significantly improve return on investment (ROI) by terminating third party service providers.

The whitepaper elaborates how RPM provides the ability to immediately cycle power or reboot a device without interrupting all of the equipment attached to the uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Some can even initiate a graceful shut down for a wide variety of servers to provide remote equipment monitoring, ensuring that devices are up and running properly and efficiently.

Image via Minutemanups.com

Above, Minuteman’s new RPM Series 8 & 16-Port Remote Power Manager that allows you to control up to 16 devices from anywhere in the world.

“As we all know, locked up systems are a fact of life, and whenever the device fails, usually the only alternative is to cycle power or reboot it,” explains Bill Allen, director of marketing, Minuteman UPS/Para Systems. “This can be challenging if the device is not easily accessed or located remotely. It’s simple to cycle power off and on when you can physically get to a device that’s locked up, but when it’s in an inconvenient location, the problem is magnified.”

To learn more about RPM solutions, check out the informational video below where Allen discusses the topic further:


“Minuteman’s RPM Series is the most efficient, effective and convenient product available for managing power for remotely located systems,” Allen concludes.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli