Emerson Intros New AC-DC Power Supply For Medical, Telecom and Other Sectors

August 30, 2013

By Madhubanti Rudra - Power Protection Contributor

Starting from desktop computers to more complex industrial equipment---all types of electronic applications require AC-DC power supply units for converting AC into more regulated DC power for their internal components. Embedded computing technology company Emerson Network Power (News - Alert) is a trusted name in the AC-DC power supply space. The company offers a range of low to medium and medium to high power supplies. Recently the company expanded its highly successful LCM300 series product lineup by introducing a new 300 Watt AC-DC power supply for industrial and medical equipment manufacturers.

Coming with digital control, special voltage control and other advanced features, Emerson's new model, called LCM300Q-T-4 provides its users with a highly reliable single output power solution.

With the help of simple firmware updates, LCM3000Q-T-4 can modify parameters such as peak load handling, special voltage control, and can even create unique fan speed profiles, according to its maker.

Emerson further said its LCM3000Q-T-4 is well suited for use in light industrial applications and factory automation products. In the medical equipment sector, the power supply solution can be used in battery charging, non-patient contact and non-patient critical medical, dental and laboratory applications. It is also fit for use in telecom and datacom equipment. The hardware is backed by a comprehensive set of industrial and medical safety approvals, which means the medical equipment manufacturers can employ the hardware with confidence.

With an estimated MTBF (mean time between failures) of the LCM300 being greater than 500,000 hours, the product is all about very high efficiency. MTBF is a manufacturer-provided index of the reliability of a hardware product.

Offered at a single unit price of $170, LCM300Q-T-4 makes one of the most competitively priced single output power solutions available in the market.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson