Superdome Sees the Light, Takes Preventive Measures

September 10, 2013

By Brittany Walters-Bearden - Power Protection Contributor

During last season’s Super Bowl, half of the lights in the Superdome’s roof went out, just after the game had resumed following halftime, and the air conditioning system had been taxed in an effort to pull smoke from the halftime show out of the stadium.

The venue, which has long been mired in scandal—the Super Bowl was meant to signal to the nation that the Superdome and the city of New Orleans were back after Hurricane Katrina, only to embarrass the city once again—can afford no such snafus this year. Recognizing this, the stadium invested approximately $1.5 million in electrical upgrades. According to the Associated Press (News - Alert), experts have now identified the culprit of that infamous night: a relay device that had been improperly installed by the power company. After two preseason games in the stadium so far this year, there have yet to be any issues cited with the electrical system.

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While Doug Thornton, an executive with the company that manages the Superdome, tells the AP that he can’t make any promises about the Superdome’s electrical performance this year, he assures New Orleans football fans that they have “thoroughly” examined equipment, replaced aged equipment, and rectified the relay device. After these upgrades and inspections, he says, “We have a reasonable expectation that it’s going to function as it always has.” Hopefully, this year’s season will go off without a hitch for the Superdome.

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Edited by Rory J. Thompson