Be Prepared: Spring Showers Bring Power Outages

May 28, 2015

By Michelle Amodio - Power Protection Contributor

When it comes to natural disasters and disaster preparedness, the first item of concern is, of course safety. In a tech era where we are always connected, and in an era where connectivity means not losing business, power protection is something that can be executed safely and should be on the checklist of items for businesses of all sizes.

While we’re clearly out of the way of winter’s grip, we’re headed into the summer months which means Mother Nature has a different variety of storms that can compromise power grids and lines.

The news from the last few weeks tells us that Oklahoma and Texas have experienced devastating floods and tornadoes, with hurricane season looming in the distance. According to the National Hurricane Center, the season goes from June 1st all the way until November 30th. Hurricane season is only starting its long and potentially destructive rope. More often than not, the outcome of these catastrophic events is power loss.

Floods can cause damage to both above-ground and underground electrical equipment. High winds or fallen trees may cause power lines to touch and short out, causing an outage. Wind may also blow tree limbs or entire trees onto the power lines, causing the lines to fall to the ground and possibly even break the lines and poles. This is dangerous and time-consuming work to repair, and may cause many to be without power for longer periods of time.

What does this mean in terms of technology? It means businesses shouldn’t stop making efforts to improve upon protecting power sources. In addition to regular system backups, companies should seek uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) devices to provide emergency power when power fails. The most obvious advantage of an uninterruptible power supply is, of course, the maintenance of power.

Aside from maintaining power when necessary, UPS prevents data loss and offers surge protection. The UPS automatically switches to AC-generated battery power, preventing the spike or surge from harming whatever is connected to it. A UPS also prevents power fluctuations.

Minuteman UPS/Para Systems (News - Alert) is a provider of unique power protection solutions and offers an array of products, from outlet surge protectors to UPSs.

For those institutions that cannot be without power, like hospitals, having a backup plan for when Mother Nature strikes is imperative. Using power protection equipment can save institutions thousands in costly damages due to outages as well as keep things running smoothly and efficiently in the event of an interruption or total outage due to inclement weather, including intense hurricanes and tornadoes.

Don’t wait for the possibility of bad weather to hit before investing in a solid backup plan.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson