Tree Limb Leaves New Jersey Residents in the Dark

October 08, 2015

By Michelle Amodio - Power Protection Contributor

Approximately 3,300 residents in Salem County, NJ, were left in the dark recently thanks to a downed tree limb.

According to local sources, the effects of Hurricane Joaquin hit the area in the form of a nor’easter, damaging power lines and affecting the areas of Mannington, Pennsville, Carneys Point and Pilesgrove.

The outage lasted only about two hours, but for some in Salem County, 70 customers were still without power the day after the incident.

With hurricane season still upon us, it’s a good reminder that power outages will be far more frequent as storms take their destructive paths. For businesses, it means that the proper measures should be put in place for power protection during damaging storms.

Power protection is necessary to protect information and equipment. If there is a power outage or spike in electricity, the results can be a loss of information or damage in equipment, costing considerable downtime and loss of income. Businesses can rely on safety nets, like uninterruptible power supplies, or UPS.

A UPS is a device which maintains a continuous electrical power supply to connected equipment via a separate source when utility power is not available. It is often referred to as an Emergency Power Supply, which for businesses can be the lifeline during a total outage.

A UPS system is absolutely ideal for commercial systems where power is essential to the running of the company, such as running multiple computer systems, or hospitals and banks where power backup may be an absolute necessity.

Minuteman UPS/Para Systems (News - Alert) offers a variety of UPSs for those who need to be “always on” during a power failure. Aside from maintaining power when necessary, Minuteman’s products prevent data loss and offers surge protection. The UPS automatically switches to AC generated battery power, preventing the spike or surge from harming whatever is connected to it. A UPS also prevents power fluctuations.

While power outages are not easily predicted, having a power protection plan in place means you will be prepared, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for power grids and the businesses that rely on them.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson