Puget Sound Flooding Proves Backup Power's Value

December 10, 2015

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Most all of us have seen a weather-related power outage at one time or another. Storms don't happen all the time, though, and that means we don’t always think about backup power. New word from the Seattle Times illustrates just how hard a storm can hit, and why the time to get backup power systems is while the sun's still shining.

The Seattle Times report reads like a litany of chaos. Floods are rampant; severe flooding is found on the Snoqualmie River, and the Green River is flooding moderately. The Cedar River, meanwhile, is only in minor flooding, but that's three major rivers in some level of flood. Downtown Kalama was evacuated Tuesday night as water combined with raw sewage left pools nearly three feet deep in spots, with 12 downtown buildings—including the police station and city hall—taking some level of flooding.

Traffic took a huge blow, as trains were running at least 20 minutes late in every case, and several highways, including Highway 162 and Highway 2, were closed, with some services out until at least Friday morning.

Power outages, school cancellations, and even mudslides cropped up in the course of the event, and though the worst of the rain seems to be past, there's still an intense cleanup operation to go. Without power, that kind of cleanup could be next to impossible, or at the very least, difficult. It's a perfect object lesson out there for anyone who depends on power to conduct a work day.

No one wants to have a work day shut down for any length of time due to weather. That's a loss of profit, a loss of income, and if it goes on long enough a potential loss of job. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there for users who want to have some backup power on hand in case of a weather emergency or similar power outage. Minuteman offers a wide array of possibilities on this front, and in most cases, will allow users to at least save data before shutting down a system in the midst of an outage. That's not always the ideal outcome—the rest of the day is just as hamstrung—but regardless of the level of commitment to backup power, at least being able to protect and potentially offload files in the midst of alteration will be valuable. Minuteman can also offer surge protection options to prevent a bit too much power from taking out the system, and power management systems as well.

We have insurance for our cars, our lives, our health and our homes, so why not consider taking out a bit of work insurance with a backup power system? Minuteman's options will help provide backup power on several levels, so it's all a matter of finding the right system for the job at hand. Why let a power outage stop a workday in its tracks?

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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