Minuteman's Entrust LCD UPS Delivers Peace of Mind in a Compact Form Factor

December 16, 2015

By Michael Guta - Contributing Writer

The technologies that have introduced new levels of efficiency in the way we work, play, shop and in general live, rely on electricity to power them. Any disruption of power – whether it is caused by equipment failure, a natural phenomenon or a dray of squirrels – brings with it a host of inconveniences. And if you haven’t taken the necessary precautions with the right set of equipment, you could end up permanently damaging your expensive electronic and computing devices, as well as the valuable data within them.

The Minuteman Entrust (News - Alert) LCD Series backup systems are a new line of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), recently introduced, designed to protect the many different types of equipment that rely on electrical power.

Minuteman is a brand of Para Systems (News - Alert), Inc., which manufactures single and three phase UPS products, surge protectors, power distribution units and remote power management systems. The technology the company provides protects a range of equipment across public and private organizations and individual consumers. They protect telephone/VOIP systems, computers, network servers and peripherals, security systems, audio/video equipment and industrial applications.

The new Entrust LCD Series is available in four models to ensure they can handle the different levels of protection for which they have been deployed. This includes, complete power protection for desktop computers, file servers, network devices, security systems, voice communications equipment, home entertainment systems and more.

The LCD display on the units provides a quick view so users can see how it is performing. It shows real-time data on UPS status and condition, battery strength, estimated runtime, AC and DC modes, load capacity graph and warning/fault icons.

The units are also compatible with the Minuteman SentryHD Management Software, which automatically saves and shuts down applications which are not finished on your computer. This ensures your data doesn’t get lost by powering your computing devices safely, even if you are not present during extended blackouts.

The Entrust LCD models come standard with surge and battery protected outlets, as well as surge-only outlets for protection of non-critical accessories. The 550VA (330W) and 700VA (420W) come with four outlets of each type, while the 1000VA (600W) and 1500VA (900W) have five of each type.

Another feature of the Entrust LCD line is it will continue to provide protection in AC normal mode even if the battery is dead, by regulating the voltage, surges or spikes. And when it comes time to change the battery, the hotswappable feature lets you remove the dead battery and replace it without any tools.

Bill Allen (News - Alert), Director of Marketing, said “The new LCD line will provide unmatched versatility for this segment of the market, allowing us to even better serve our customers. The enhanced features and capabilities represent an excellent value for price-conscious shoppers who are seeking a complete power protection solution.”

Edited by Rory J. Thompson