Don't Let One Incident Leave You Disconnected

December 29, 2015

By Susan J. Campbell - Power Protection Contributing Editor

What’s your go-to strategy when something goes wrong with your Internet connection, your cable or your phone service? You might be one of the resourceful individuals who is able to tackle complex problems on your own (assuming the problem isn’t at the service provider level), or you may be one who prefers to call the source of the service to report the problem. Either way, you need power protection if you want to stay connected.

In the Midwest, this connection is the least of problems as people throughout Missouri are losing access to roads, subdivisions and even their homes. An unusual amount of rain has fallen for this time of year, overflowing rivers, creeks and lakes, putting whole towns at risk of complete flooding. Major interstates have been closed, roads are getting washed out and in the Lake of the Ozarks, boat docks are floating off on their own.

While many have lost power, others have lost everything.

In Miami Beach, Mother Nature isn’t having nearly as much fun, but a severed power line did disconnect roughly 14,000 Atlantic Broadband customers. Cable, Internet and phone service were affected for these customers, many of which starting reporting problems around noon on Monday. According to a post in the Miami Herald, the service provider tweeted that a “construction related fiber outage” caused the problem, yet four hours later, crews were still working on the problem.

Frustrations were shared easily on social media channels. Customers likely used their mobile connection to share the latest updates, not doing much to support a positive perception for Atlantic Broadband in the market. It does point to the importance of power protection, however, as the unexpected can happen at any time, leaving you disconnected from the resources you need to get the job done, enjoy the latest entertainment or simply keep the lights on.

This incident in Miami points to how easily one action can affect so many individuals. Wrapping up trust in one provider is a sure way to suffer across multiple channels when something does go wrong. Minuteman power protection can help you ensure that this reliance doesn’t leave you high and dry when something goes wrong.

Uninterrupted power supply is critical when your processes, data collection and information management rely on consistent access to power. Interruptions and outages do happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere