Need a Remote Power Manager? You Might

May 16, 2016

By Casey Houser - Contributing Writer

For all those network administrators that have dreamed of being able to remotely control the power of their hardware, Minuteman recently announced that capability in its new RPM1521E Remote Power Manager.

Minuteman’s latest product launch gives admins control over their remote devices and a view into the status of their network systems. Whether or not a business runs security cameras or network routers from the RPM1521E, they can use its software to view the status of any device and power on, reboot, or power down those systems.

The new remote power manager is about as simple as a connecting device can get. It has three plugs in its front and one on its back. One of the three connects the Minuteman unit to a power source. This activates the manager itself and also extends power to the two other plugs, which act as outlets for business hardware.

On the power manager’s rear, one Ethernet port makes it possible to give the unit an IP address. This is its link to the outside world and the manager’s software link to remote user control.

The software that comes with the power manager gives users a view of the status of their security cameras and network routers. Are they active, or has a power surge caused them to stop functioning? The software can sense and report any state of such devices and then display that status on a desktop or mobile device – whatever remote system the user prefers. The software runs within a Web browser, so any operating system that can access the Web can gain a link to the Minuteman unit.

Although many company switches, servers, wireless access points, or any of the previously listed hardware will likely run without issue for months at a time, certain situations can change that state of affairs. A local power outage because of a storm or public mishap can cut power to an entire section of a city, or an error in any business’s network can cause its hardware to stop functioning properly. At those times, network admins may not have the time or capability to unplug and restart a unit in person. This is where the RPM1521E makes its mark.

Businesses cannot afford to be without power or without functioning equipment for long stretches of time. Even a matter of minutes can result in the loss of revenue. A power manager may look simple, but it can be a lifesaver in times where remote access to a network is all that’s available.

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