Power Outage Strikes Manitoba Thanks to High Winds

June 24, 2016

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

A recent storm swept a large portion of North America and Manitoba took its impact hard. Specifically, Winnipeg's North End was hit with power outages that took out power to around 1,800 customers, and all thanks to what officials called “a hindrance of foliage.”

Customers throughout Winnipeg's William White Area took much of the hit thanks to an unresponsive feeder line affected by the errant vegetation, and snapped tree limbs—again caused by the high winds—took out several power lines. Worse, the winds weren't seen to die down for several days, and subsequent storms were likely to cause still more issues for the area.

Winnipeg wasn't the only one suffering from such outages recently, as large portions of the Midwest were hit by strong winds and occasional tornadoes with a slate of storms that swept through the region. Power outages were commonplace, as were destroyed buildings.

While many power outages have been restored since the first and second round of storms hit, the whole issue underscored one critical point: the electrical grid as we know it today is an extremely fragile creature. Power outages are becoming increasingly commonplace with the arrival of storms, and thus, having a backup system in place is vital to ensure the best operations. The addition of a simple uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to a standard business operation can mean the difference between a complete loss of work and work that's temporarily inaccessible as users save work before shutting down a computer properly. That's certainly better than just losing work as the system loses power altogether, even for a moment, and if the outage is sufficiently short—some outages are measured in seconds—that's enough time to bridge a gap and continue working.

Power backup systems are increasingly vital to everyday operations. Whether it's a UPS or a full generator, being ready to supply one's own power and operate off said power is vital to ongoing operations. It's the kind of thing that can become a competitive advantage; if your business is the only one in the area that can operate, then how much of the competition's business will you be able to take in turn? Customers will need product, even when the power's out in your area, so being ready to step in and continue working when most everyone else can't is a golden opportunity not to be ignored.

Backup power systems, no matter their form, are vital to a world that depends so greatly on the network to operate. Take the opportunity presented to prepare for such outages in advance, because the worst time to get these backup systems is when they're actually necessary.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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