UPS Backups: Saving Your Business One Outage at a Time

July 29, 2016

By Alicia Young - Web Editor

As frustrating as power outages are, they’re mostly forgivable when caused by animals or bad storms; there’s nothing you can do to stop Mother Nature. However, it’s a much different story when power outages are caused by people’s reckless actions. Yesterday, there was a power outage in Napa, Calif., allegedly caused by a drunk driver.

The intoxicated individual drove his truck up the support wires of a power pole, effectively cutting off power to all the residents in that neighborhood. Although power was restored rather quickly, power outages are always an inconvenience while they are happening. You never know when an incident like this will happen, which is why it’s important to be prepared for outages with uninterruptable power supply (UPS) backups.

Earlier this month, we discussed the benefits of power protection. Power protection is essential to making sure your employees don’t lose all of their work when the power is lost. Since many people don’t regularly save or backup their work, an unexpected computer shutdown could potentially be catastrophic; people have been known to lose hours worth of work due to an unexpected outage. The perks of investing in power protection still hold true, and it is imperative to your business that you invest in UPS backups. By setting your business up with some UPS backups, you will be protecting your business and assets by enabling your company to keep running during outages. Or, you can at least invest in enough backup to shut down non-essential hardware in the event of a power outage.

There are many UPS systems to choose from. One system you can invest in to protect your business is the new Entrepid Series. The system offers complete power protection designed to protect your most important equipment such as desktop computers, file servers, network devices, security systems, voice communications equipment and home entertainment systems. The Entrepid products have six on-battery receptacles, including two that are transformer-friendly and two surge-only receptacles. With a system like that, you can consider your business safe if a drunk driver decides to run his truck up the side of a power pole outside your building.

The Entrepid Series is just one option, though. In order to choose the right UPS for your business you need to consider the following:

  • How many outlets do you need?
  • How much power do your devices require?
  • How long do you need to run on battery?
  • What features do you want?
  • How good is the warranty?

Once you have that information, you can go about your research or consult a store employee to help you find the best UPS option for you.

When the power goes out unexpectedly, valuable working time is lost. Less working time means less time spent helping customers, which ultimately results in less money. Add into those losses the disappearance of unsaved work, and you could potentially have a real problem on your hands. All of this is easily preventable, though, if you choose to invest in UPS backups. They will keep your business running for hours during outages, leaving you confident in the state of your company. While you can’t control the decisions that other people make, you can control your own actions by erring on the side of safety and caution.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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