Prepare for the Unexpected with UPS Backups

September 07, 2016

By Alicia Young - Web Editor

For those of us living by the shore, we were told this weekend was going to be a wash-out thanks to hurricane Hermine. Luckily where I live, the weather turned out to be beautiful all weekend, but everyone was prepared just in case. When you hear about an incoming hurricane, you naturally start to prepare for a power outage. However, outages don’t only occur because of big storms. In fact, the most unexpected instances can cause power outages; citizens of Morrill, NE found this out the hard way when a hot air balloon landed on a power line this past weekend.

During Sunday’s Balloon Fest activities, one balloon landed on a power about 2.5 miles northeast of the village of Morrill. The balloon launched earlier from the Mitchell airport, which is about 6.58 miles southeast of the location where it landed. Thankfully everyone who was in the balloon made it out safely, but that doesn’t change the fact that a huge hot air balloon caused damage to power lines.

The village of Morrill is far enough away from the Balloon Fest that no one expected anything like this to happen. Although the hot air balloon barely caused any damage to the power lines, it was enough to cause power outages; four homes and a number of irrigation systems were impacted by the outage. While this may seem like an insignificant number of people affected, it could have been avoided altogether if those families had been prepared with the proper UPS backup systems.

Strange events like this just go to show that you always have to be prepared for outages with power protection systems. The experienced pilot of that hot air balloon certainly wasn’t expecting to hit a power line when he went to work that day, but unforeseen circumstances caused it to happen. Likewise, employees who go to work every day don’t prepare for the worst, meaning that they don’t constantly save their work. If your business isn’t prepared, a loss in power could result in the disappearance of all of that unsaved work—an unpleasant consequence of being unprepared.

Without power, your business can’t run properly. Sure, you know when there’s a big storm heading your way, but what’s the point of having that knowledge if you don’t have UPS backups to help keep your business going? Even worse, you never know when something unexpected might happen that could cause a power outage, so why not be ready for anything by investing in power protection systems? UPS backup systems really are the best way to ensure that your company stays active and secure during an outage, just in case a stray balloon floats into your neighborhood.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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