#Pence Forced to Improvise After Power Outage During Rally

November 04, 2016

By Susan J. Campbell - Power Protection Contributing Editor

The stage is set for your big event, you’ve checked and double-checked everything on your list to ensure nothing can go wrong. Your speaker is ready, the food is impeccably planned and the decorations are perfect. Nothing could possibly go wrong – until something does. You trusted the utility would deliver and therefore didn’t even think about the necessary power protection.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a power outage when you’ve planned a big event. It can throw a curve ball and distract from the goal, leaving all involved frustrated at the outcome. If the power outage is the only thing to go wrong, it can seem bad enough. But what if that problem was really only one of many?

That seemed to be the case at a rally for Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence at St. Pete Clearwater International Airport. According to an ABC Action News report, Pence was 40 minutes late to the venue. If that wasn’t bad enough, five minutes into his speech, a lack of power protection was evident as the lights went out and his microphone turned off. The candidate waited a few minutes for power to be restored before taking matters into his own hands.

Pence walked off the stage and returned with a flashlight and bullhorn. The crowd didn’t seem too deterred as he continued his speech. While some in the back reportedly had difficulty hearing him, they still chanted their support with U-S-A, U-S-A ringing through the crowd. Pence then used his alternative solution to talk about why Donald Trump should be the next president and why he chooses to stand with him.

The power was restored during Pence’s speech, perhaps giving it a little unplanned symbolism. When the lights came back on, Pence then focused on highlighting Trump’s future for the U.S. What better way to do that than with the power restored? Pence used the symbolism to stress the importance of this election and urged attendees to get out and vote, regardless of their selected candidate.

While the power outage could be used to his advantage in this situation, it’s likely Pence would have preferred to have power protection in place instead. We don’t always think about the things that we’ve come to take for granted, until they are no longer accessible. Whether it’s an event or the latest business process, the power has to stay on, and for that, power protection is often necessary.

That’s why companies like Minuteman are leading the way with uninterruptible power supply solutions that not only help keep power running to necessary systems, but also ensure your data is saved before something happens. Don’t leave your next big focus up to chance – check out how power protection can make a difference in your environment.

Edited by Alicia Young

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