Vandenberg AFB Suffers Through Week-Long Power Outage

January 27, 2017

By Alicia Young - Web Editor

I’m sure we all have experience with the inconvenience that comes along with power outages. They always seem to occur whenever the big game is on, or the season finale of your favorite show, or the night before a paper is due. In personal cases, power outages are a pain. Fortunately, we can usually rely on the fact that power will be restored shortly, and nothing detrimental usually happens other than missing out on who receives the final rose during the Bachelor (I’m not still bitter about it).

Businesses aren’t nearly as lucky. When the power goes out, operations go down for those companies without UPS in place. These companies use the excuse that some UPS is too expensive, or that outages never last for long. The revenue loss from a short outage is already unnecessary, so imagine how bad it would be if power was out for a long period of time.

In a rather extreme case, several people near Vandenberg Air Force Base are going through that exact scenario. They have spent this entire past week without power; a storm last weekend knocked out power early Sunday morning, and it has yet to be restored. Base officials have stated that crews are working to restore power, and hope to have everything back up and running Friday night.

That’s approximately 200 people without power for an entire week. On a personal level, that’s a major inconvenience for everyone living in that area. But from a business perspective, that kind of power outage could severely harm a company.

Without UPS in place, companies in that area would have lost power for a week. That means no work being done, no money being made, and more business for competitors that are still open and operational. It’s essentially a forced shutdown of a company for seven days—which I’m sure sounds much less appealing to business owners than simply investing in a UPS that could save them that massive headache.

At the end of the day, you have to weigh the pros and the cons. Sure, maybe the worst power outage you’ve experienced has lasted a day. That’s certainly inconvenient, and can still harm business, but many consider it doable. However, you never know when a super storm might come through, knocking operations out for multiple days.

Is it really worth the risk?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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