Power Outages Wreak Havoc for Businesses Across US

March 30, 2017

By Alicia Young - Web Editor

It’s hard to say when the most likely time of year to experience a power outage is. Some might argue that summer results in a ton of power outages, with the warm weather and subsequent thunderstorms easily knocking out power. Others could make an argument for winter, when there are high winds and blizzards to worry about. Well, spring only officially began last week, and it’s already making a case for itself as the busiest time of year for power outages. Outages are popping up all over the U.S. this week, and communities and businesses that weren’t prepared with power protection are facing the consequences.

This week alone, there have been at least three major power outages across the country. In Utah, around 13,416 people were left without power after a large-scale outage at a substation. Meanwhile, thousands of people lost power for almost 12 hours Monday in Pennsylvania. A PLL spokesperson reported that the outage was caused when an arm broke off of one of the older wooden power poles in the area. A single broken pole effectively caused 8,000 homes and businesses to lose power for about 12 hours. As if that span of time wasn’t bad enough, 600 people in southern Colorado suffered a multi-day outage due to a blizzard. Hundreds of utility poles were blown down or severely damaged during the storm, which caused live transmission lines to fall onto the ground, trees, structures and across roadways. To make matters worse, the snow melted, causing mud to form, and made it even more difficult for crews to safely collect the live wires and restore power.

From these examples alone, it’s clear that you can never know when or how power might go out. All these scenarios are different in cause, but are similar in that those who did not have power protection in place were extremely inconvenienced. Imagine the ramifications for a business without uninterruptable power supplies going through one of these scenarios—whether it’s for 12 hours or multiple days, no power means no business.

If the outages occurred during the workday, employees undoubtedly lost unsaved work. Without UPS, they would have been unable to save documents or shut down equipment properly, and some systems likely suffered from power surges. Lost data and damaged equipment cost both time and money to replace, which means that employees will have to spend time redoing work they’ve already done rather than advancing in their goals. This is frustrating enough, without taking into account the amount of potential revenue that was lost during the outage downtime.

Although all these scenarios are different, the lesson that can be learned from them is the same: investing in UPS will save your company from lost revenue and data, downtime, and the overall inconvenience caused by power outages.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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