Save Equipment by Investing in Power Protection

May 19, 2017

By Alicia Young - Web Editor

Power outages have been causing a lot of headaches lately. For some people, if the power in the office goes out, it’s not really a big deal. Some companies don’t rely heavily on machines for their operations so a power outage may not affect them as badly. For those who do rely on machines during the work day, they may have to pack up and go home for the day if power shows no signs of being restored. Not only is that bad for business and productivity, but it’s also bad for the machinery.

Some business equipment and processes that are critical to operations can’t afford to be shut down due to a power outage. Just think of how detrimental it would be for all the computers to suddenly shut off in an accounting office in the middle of tax season. Or, imagine how bad the outcome would be if an operating room lost power while in use.

Power outages don’t just impact machines during the outage, either. In the case of the Daily Journal in Tupelo, a widespread power outage actually damaged the press equipment. The day after the power came back on, the Daily Journal was distributed in all black and white with no color because of issues with the equipment caused by the outage. Not only that, but the damage to the machine pushed back the printing schedule, which in turn caused copies to get sent out later than usual. Damaged equipment and late delivery are both bad for business, and the kicker is that the company could have avoided these problems if it had power protection in place.

Depending on the nature and size of the equipment at a company, power protection and backup systems can help lessen or prevent the impact of outages, especially short ones. There are a number of power protection options to choose from, including Minuteman’s EnterprisePlus LCD Line Interactive UPS. This particular series is designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment and critical servers, network devices and phone systems.

With such great options available for power protection, why take the chance of operations being impacted or equipment damaged? A one-time investment can save companies a lot of trouble. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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