UPS Solutions Provide Power to Keep You Cool

July 14, 2017

By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

It’s summertime. That means it’s the time for family picnics, vacations, and visits to the beach. But summer can also bring with it extreme heat and storms that can knock out power.

When that happens, neighborhoods, or even larger geographic areas, can be plunged into darkness and, as a result, lose the ability for their computer equipment, public infrastructure like public transportation and street lights, and air conditioning to work. And that can add up to inconveniences, lost revenues, and even death.

Of course, it’s tough to predict when, how, and why power outages will occur.  For example, recently more than 600 people lost power in the Upper West Side of New York City. This was on what was reportedly the muggiest night of the year.

The outage occurred at Broadway and 72nd Street following a manhole fire, which resulted in power to be cut off from 40 buildings in the area. There were no injuries from this event, which officials said may have resulted at least in part due to extreme heat.

Arizona and other parts of the West and Southwest where summer heat regularly registers in the triple digits also sometimes suffer from power outages, of course. That can be especially problematic, as it can knock out air conditioning. And, at those temperatures, the loss of AC is more than an inconvenience – it can threaten health and life.

To make sure you’re ready when outages like this happen, it’s a good idea to have a UPS solution in place to keep your city, home, or business up and running and to enable the people in these locations to have climate control, light, and access to other devices and infrastructure so they are safe and comfortable, and can see what they’re doing. 


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