Power Outage Hits Parts of University of Richmond Campus

September 22, 2017

By Erik Linask - Group Editorial Director

The University of Richmond experienced a power outage Wednesday impacting several of its facilities, due to a power line failure.  Initially, the outage was restricted to Lora Robins and Gray Court, the Wilton Center and Heilman Dining Center, but other buildings were without electricity for periods of time as crews worked to resolve the issues.

Where available, the University switched over to generator power, and brought in additional generators for other buildings on Thursday, though one of the chillers was damaged during installation into an energized building.  It is hoped that power will be fully restored by the end of the weekend.

While the University seemingly did an adequate job keeping students and faculty apprised of the situation and ongoing developments, the outage serves as a reminder to all businesses and service institutions that proper backup and power protection resources are a critical to continuity of service and safety of everyone involved. 

While the few generators that were installed help reduce the inconvenience, the University could face challenges from damage due to the high heat and humidity, resulting in mold and odors due to lack of airflow and cooling.

On a broader scale, businesses – including educational institutions – should be aware of the dangers power outages can cause to critical technology, especially from surges at the time of an outage, but also as power is restored.  It’s a key reason to power down equipment when not in use – and once power is out, so reduce the risk of damage.

In addition to generators to power cooling and refrigeration needs, power protection systems should be installed to protect servers, switches, storage equipment, and other infrastructure from damage.  Even small surges can adversely impact performance, and even destroy sensitive circuits, especially if they have already been weakened by previous surges.  Replacing equipment is a costly and time consuming task – not to mention to risk of lost data is storage devices are corrupted. 

Taking preemptive measures to adequately protect resources should be top of mind for IT managers, executives, and other key staffers and administrators.

Edited by Erik Linask

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