Clever Ideas to Assist Through Power Outages

September 25, 2017

By Mandi Nowitz - Web Editor

Even if a power outage only lasts an hour or so, the concept of not having electricity or not knowing when power might return can be quite daunting. There are other factors to consider, like the cost of rotting food, what to do without a flashlight or candle, no access to the outside world, and other obstacles that need to be combated. Accuweather has a few clever yet practical ways to help assist through a power outage, long or short.

Reliance on cell phones and connectivity has become imperative in today’s society. If an outage comes on unexpectedly, you may find yourself with a low battery situation. Firstly, put the phone on low battery mode and close open apps. You can also put the phone on airplane mode, allowing you to conserve whatever charge you have left.   

Always have a portable charger charged and on hand, in case of emergencies such as this. There is also the option of plugging a phone into a laptop, especially since your home or business WiFi (News - Alert) won’t function without power. A final option, which many people take advantage of, is to charge in the car but do not do it if you’re low on gas – and certainly not in a closed garage.

Worried about food spoiling? A washing machine makes a great temporary freezer. Fill it with ice and put the essentials in there. The best part is that all the excess water will just drain out in the end. Keeping with that theme, dishwashers can provide to be quite the asset when it comes to valuables. If there is a flood accompanying the power outage, utilize the dishwasher as a safe for documents, jewelry, or other valuables and essentials, as it is designed to hold water in and, therefore, out as well.

Ran out of candles or flashlights? Grab a box of crayons! Light the tip and make sure the crayon is standing stable and it will provide the a plenty of light to move about.  But don’t leave it unattended.

Businesses should also try to think ahead in case of an emergency. Many offices or office buildings have access to a dishwasher, so knowing where they are located can help when it comes to salvaging important documents and awards in a hurry.

But, even more important is your technology.  UPS and power management systems are instrumental in protecting sensitive equipment, which can easily be damaged during outages.  While you may not need or want to install full-scale generators to keep all your equipment operating through an outage, power protection equipment is a must.  You don’t want to have to troubleshoot and replace equipment damaged by an outage once power is restored.  For businesses, like consumers, outage preparedness is key to safety and security.

Have you installed a power protection system at your business?

Edited by Erik Linask

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