Pennsylvania Mall Near Williamsport Without Power for Two Days

September 02, 2018

By Erik Linask - Group Editorial Director

The Lycoming Mall, located just east of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where the annual Little League World Series just recently concluded lost power on Tuesday morning, after the mall and its shops had opened for business.  Other are businesses and residences were apparently not impacted and, while mall ownership claimed there was a problem with the main power feed coming into the mall, PPL refuted that comment and said the utility was experiencing no technical problems.

In fact, PPL spokesperson Tracie Witter said, “there are no equipment or power failure issues in that area,” adding that PPL showed no outages in the vicinity of the mall on its outage map.  Reportedly, the issue was actually that the mall owner had failed to pay the utility bill, leading to the power being turned off. 

By the time power was finally restored on Wednesday, many businesses had already suffered two days of lost opportunity and restaurants had to throw away due to the lack of power to provide proper refrigeration.

Any power outage, regardless of how short or long, can pose serious threats to any business, particularly to technology that drives its operations.  The expensive systems – from servers and switches to communications platforms and firewalls are full of tiny circuits that can break with even a small power surge.

The best way to protect any technology during a power outage is by installing properly sized power protection systems that regulate line voltage and prevent spikes in current from damaging circuitry.  Even if circuits aren’t immediately broken, every surge weakens them, making the more likely to sever in the future, causing potentially weeks of down time and lost business while systems are being replaced and restored – not to mention the costs involved.

While power protection systems may not be able to provide power for very long outages – those may require backup generators and other redundant power sources – the UPS systems can provide limited or even longer operational runtime to allow businesses to continue or to shut systems down properly.

Edited by Erik Linask