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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Stories
06/09/2017 Power Protection Must Address Beaver Crisis
05/26/2017 Car Crash in Washington Drives Power Protection Plans
05/26/2017 Raccoon Strikes Power Grid, Prompts Power Protection Plans
04/21/2017 IBM's Weather Company Offers Power Protection Edge
04/11/2017 Your Business vs. Giant Balloons: Power Protection is the Answer
04/07/2017 Seattle Readies Power Protection as Winds Rise
04/07/2017 Portland 911 Outage Demonstrates Power Protection Importance
03/17/2017 Even Food Needs Power Protection
03/17/2017 Syracuse Outage Demonstrates Power Protection's Value
03/03/2017 Outage Season is Coming: Ready Power Protection Now
02/08/2017 Power Protection Proves Vital in San Andreas
02/03/2017 Power Protection a Must in New Mexico Outage
01/19/2017 Las Cruces' Lesson in Power Protection
01/12/2017 Ukraine Hackers Overtake Power Protection Systems
01/06/2017 Power Protection Means Protection from Planned Outages
12/14/2016 Smartphone Surgery Proves Power Protection Need
11/21/2016 Early Heavy Snow Reminds Us All About Backup Power Need
11/16/2016 Users of Cloud-based DR Systems Confident in Coverage
11/11/2016 17,000 in Johnson City Blacked Out: Are You Ready for the Next Outage?
10/27/2016 Manassas Power Outage Traced to Faulty Transformer
10/11/2016 One Lone Crow Left 2,400 Residents in the Dark
09/23/2016 School Power Outages Mean More Than Canceled Classes
09/15/2016 One Random Animal Was Enough to Kill the Power in Waukee
09/07/2016 Delta's Power Outage Proves a $100 Million Lesson
09/02/2016 How a Power Failure Meant a Fiery Night at a Houston Refinery
08/19/2016 FirstEnergy Corporation Turns to Helicopter-Mounted Rotary Saw to Reduce Power Outages
07/29/2016 Electrical Substation Fire Prompts Preparedness Checks
07/19/2016 String of Comcast Outages Strike
07/08/2016 Storm Line Through Kansas Takes Out Power in Topeka
06/30/2016 Archer City Residents Lose Power Thanks to One Man on a Cell Phone
06/24/2016 Power Outage Strikes Manitoba Thanks to High Winds
06/24/2016 Tepco Unit Struck By Glitch, Affecting Power, Billing Processes
06/10/2016 Cricket Wireless Plans Full Investigation of Recent Service Outage
05/24/2016 Australia's Telstra Network Goes Down Twice in One Weekend
05/17/2016 One Raccoon Ends Up Taking Out Power in Parts of Seattle
05/13/2016 Major Cable Outages Hit Cox, Time Warner Cable
05/11/2016 Even the Kentucky Derby Can't Outrun Power Outages
05/05/2016 Fargo's Power Recovers (Again) After Cable Fault-Based Power Outage
05/03/2016 Large Hadron Collider Meets Small Weasel, Disaster Follows For Both
04/26/2016 Power Goes Out, Communications Systems Follow
04/12/2016 Cable Break Takes Out Internet Service in Parts of Alaska
04/07/2016 D.C. 911 Call Center Develops Its Own Power Emergency
03/17/2016 Power Grid's Weakness Exposed in Nevada Outage
02/25/2016 Xbox Hit Again; Second Major Outage in a Month
02/12/2016 Telstra's Huge Outage Had One Small Cause
12/10/2015 Puget Sound Flooding Proves Backup Power's Value

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